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Questions frequently asked at Humpty

Many customers have questions when it comes to the containers, ranging from sizes, cost and to the kinds of materials we haul. Here are a few questions that may we think are important:

Most Important Question: Are there any Administrative, Truck or Fuels charges?

Absolutely NOT! When you receive a quote, that is the price you will be charged. The only time the price can change is if the weight exceeds the tonnage limit per size of dumpster which is indicated on the dumpsters page or if you rent outside the typical 7 day rental. We do not charge a truck pickup or drop off fee, we do not add a fuel surcharges and we do not add administrative fees.

Is there anything that is not allowed in the dumpsters?

Yes! It is against the law to put hazardous or toxic waste in our containers. Prohibited are all liquids and solvents, chemicals such as freon,  asbestos, Fluorescent Tubes, thermostats, grease, gas or oil tanks, household garbage (MSW), paints, car batteries, TV's, Computer monitors, and tires. Any other hazardous materials found in our containers is the responsibility of the customer. If you have any questions, it's best to ask before before placing items in dumpster. Also, we do not take rocks, dirt, concrete, brick and and kind of landscaping or yard waste.

*** Please do not try to "hide" these items in the dumpster. All loads are inspected when the dumpster arrives at the yard. If these items are found, you will be billed a minimum of $75 plus other disposal expenses.***

Extra fees or rejection of the container load will apply if these items are found in the containers without prior approval. Please call to make us aware of items. Instruction may be given on how and where to place items in dumpster.

Is there anything else not allowed?

Rocks, dirt, concrete, bricks, and asphalt. These items are too heavy for our dumpsters and trucks. If you need removal, we can refer you to a company who does transport these items.

Also, we do not allow landscaping and yard waste. This includes leaves and grass clippings. Most likely, a service is provided in your area for such disposal.

What is MSW?

MSW stands for Municipal Solid Waste. This is the trash you throw out everyday in your weekly trash pickup.

What safety precautions should be taken with these containers?

Children should not play on, in or around this container. When you can no longer walk in the container and must "throw" your materials over the top, make sure the door is closed and secured.

Can the containers damage my property?

YES. Our containers have wheels on the rear that help them "roll-off" onto the ground. They weigh 3 tons, and our trucks much more. We would prefer to place the containers on hard surfaces. Lawns may appear dry, but often with rain, the containers or our trucks can sink into the ground. Asphalt driveways under the hot summer sun, can have divots left in them from the weight of the containers. Often putting a piece of plywood down for the container rails to sit on will cut down on possible scratching or scarring of driveways, or ruts in dirt. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage done due to placement or pickup of our containers. We will not cross other neighbors property lines without a signed "property damage liability waiver form" from the property owner. Our Drivers have the right to deny placement in areas that they deem "unsafe". Call us if you have concerns on where to place your container. Boards for under the wheels are available on each truck.

How high can I fill the container?

All of our containers are marked clearly with a "DO NOT FILL ABOVE THIS LINE" sticker. If not marked, no higher then the sides of the dumpster. We have restrictions by the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) on what we can haul. Any items above the top of the container will be removed for pickup, or you will be requested to off load material before we can safely haul the container. Please Note: The container is your responsibility while in your possession until the time we pick it up. Make your neighbors aware that it cost you money to rent it, and it is not a community cleanup event. A tarp often times help keep down the amount of people trying to help you load "your" container

I want my container here and the driver refuses to drop it in the spot I want, why?

Our drivers have many years of service experience. We give them every latitude on placement of containers. But sometimes with the turn radius of the truck, and the length of the needed area, we cannot safely access certain areas. Also consider the "boom" on our trucks has to raise approximately 30 ft in the air to off-load our containers. Low hanging power lines, tree branches, car ports, or garages can impede this from happening. We do not like to have to tell you "it won't go there", but our expert drivers have the experience to ascertain a safe and proper placement. If you have questions or concerns about placement, please call the office for assistance with alternative placement.

What are the sizes of your dumpsters?

Our dumpsters come in 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30 yard sizes.

How much stuff can your dumpsters hold?

Please click on the dumpsters link above for more info.

How long can I keep a container?

Our containers can be kept for up to 7 days. There is a $10.00 per day charge after 7 days, $15.00 per day for Saturdays and Sundays (Beyond 7 days).

Can I keep the container longer?

Call us if you want to keep the container any longer than the specified timeframe. If we can spare the container, we will gladly allow a few extra days. We however cannot guaranty we will be able to allow any extra time. Normally we charge an extra $10.00 per weekday and $15 per weekend day to keep the container. Please make sure that you are completely finished when calling into our office to schedule pickup, and that the area is clear for us to access the container.

What are your latest prices?

We do our best to give you competitive prices given changing market conditions. Please call us at 1-888 GOHUMPTY (1-888-464-8678) for our latest prices, or fill out a quote form here.





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